What Are Some Weight Loss Diets for Diabetics?


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Weight loss diets for diabetics include those featuring lean protein, fiber and healthy vegetable-based fats such as nuts, olive oil, avocado and canola oil, notes Health line. Some terrific examples of lean protein are seafood, skinless poultry, low-fat milk, lean beef and fish, according to WebMD.

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What Are Some Weight Loss Diets for Diabetics?
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Diabetes is a disorder in which the levels of blood sugar in the body stay above normal. It is a challenge for diabetics to lose weight, especially if they consume more calories than they require. However, dropping pounds by following recommended diets not only improves one’s health but lowers blood sugar levels, reports WebMD.

It is advisable for diabetics to watch their carbohydrate intake, as the body digests these foods quickly and easily, thereby raising blood sugar levels. Diabetics should choose complex carbs such as vegetables and whole-grain bread because of their slow digestion and absorption into the bloodstream, explains WebMD.

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