What Are Weider Exercise Charts?


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Weider exercise charts are a series of graphs created for a barbell training regimen. The vintage charts follow a progressive system of weightlifting and exercise and visually display the weightlifting principles inspired by the “Father of Bodybuilding,” Joe Weider, according to Muscle & Fitness.

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Joe Weider, who passed away in 2013 at the age of 93, designed a bodybuilding program that was highlighted with a series of exercise charts, notes BodyBuilding.com. According to Muscle & Fitness, the Joe Weider program is designed to incorporate cycle training, eclectic training and instinctive training into a person's workout routine.

According to Muscle & Fitness, cycle training enables bodybuilders to reach specific goals for building mass and strength. Cycle training not only reduces the risk of injury, it adds variety to a weightlifter’s regimen. Cycle training is defined by periods of high-intensity and low-intensity workouts.

Muscle & Fitness underscores eclectic training as well, a routine that incorporates a variety of variables into a workout. Weider training modules allow bodybuilders to instinctively and experimentally customize their workout plan. Altering workout variables, such as number of reps, length between rest periods and exercise order, makes it possible to stick to a routine and prevents it from getting stale.

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