What Are the Best Websites for Searching for Available Dental Positions?

websites-searching-available-dental-positions Credit: Musketeer/DigitalVision/Getty Images

Job aggregators and niche websites, including those of dental societies, dental associations and dental schools, have the best websites for searching open dental positions, explains Forbes. These websites feature jobs for dentists, dental lab technicians, dental hygienists and other dental professionals.

The most effective way to search dental positions is through niche websites, notes Forbes. For dental jobs, one example is the College of Dentistry of University of Illinois at Chicago website. This site links to its own open faculty positions, and it features links to other dental job search tools. The rest of the careers page lists submitted job postings.

The American Dental Association is also a niche website, and it lets users refine searches based on position, location and keyword. Users can search for dental jobs, upload resumes and apply online. These search features are also available on the California Dental Association website. Standard categories include dentist, dental assistant and office positions, and users can narrow their search between five to 100 miles of their desired location.

Traditional job search sites feature millions of jobs users can refine by location, salary and company name, states Forbes. Monster is one such site, aggregating millions of jobs from around the world. Users can choose words or phrases to further refine their searches, including “orthodontist,” “dental lab tech” or other specific job titles.