Which Websites Have Pictures of Oral Thrush?


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Two websites that have pictures of oral thrush are WebMD and Healthline. Both websites also offer descriptions of the condition, including symptoms and treatments.

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Which Websites Have Pictures of Oral Thrush?
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While WebMD offers one picture of oral thrush, Healthline features two. In addition to looking at pictures, those who suspect they have the condition may want to learn about the symptoms. These symptoms include white patches and lesions on the tongue and around the cheek. Some people may experience bleeding when they scrape the white patches and sometimes mouth pain is present. If the lesions move into the esophagus, the patient may have trouble swallowing. Some may also encounter cracked sore areas around the corners of their mouth.

Several factors contribute to the likelihood of someone developing thrush, including being pregnant or having a weakened immune system, MedicineNet.com claims. Other risk factors include using dentures, smoking and taking certain medications. Stress may also bring the condition on, and it is common in infants and not usually a cause for concern. Patients with this condition can combine prescription and at home treatments. Medications include nystatin, which is an antifungal mouthwash. Patients may also want to use a soft toothbrush, and they should change theirs regularly until the thrush resolves.

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