What Websites Have Pictures of Measles?


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Pictures of measles are available from the websites of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, WebMD and Healthline. The pictures are accompanied by information on the disease.

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What Websites Have Pictures of Measles?
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The CDC includes multiple photographs of the measles in children. Photographs cover the symptoms on both the face and the upper body. Additional pictures focus on the early signs of measles, called Koplik's spots, which occur in the mouth at the beginning of the illness. Microscopic images of the virus are also featured. Along with the pictures, a video description of the clinical symptoms of a measles patient is provided, per the CDC website.

A similar collection of pictures as the CDC, focusing on Koplik's spots and the full-body rash, is available on Healthline. The website provides additional information on the disease, including advice on differentiating between the symptoms of measles, roseola and rubella, diseases that also cause rashes. Images of the possible complications of the measles virus are also featured on the website, including X-rays of pneumonia and encephalitis in patients. Written information covers identification of the disease, treatment options and the recovery process.

Pictures of the measles virus in both adults and children are offered on WebMD. Additional articles on the website cover the basic of the disease, the symptoms and a section of frequently asked questions.

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