Which Websites Have the Best Eye Exam Charts?

websites-eye-exam-charts Credit: Peter Dazeley/The Image Bank/Getty Images

Vision Source has a printable eye exam chart that is useful for checking vision at home, and Occuvision provides access to a similar chart as well as a Tumbling E exam chart for young children. Home tests are not a substitute for a visit to licensed eye care professional.

The eye chart available through Vision Source is a standard Snellen chart for visual accuity. The Snellen chart is a nineteenth century invention of the ophthalmologist Herman Snellen, with modifications by Ian Bailey and Jan Lovie. Printing a Snellen chart on 8.5 inch by 11 inch paper provides the basis for a simple home vision test. The patient stands ten feet from the chart in a well-lit room and reads the chart, covering one eye at a time. The smallest line of readable text determines visual acuity.

Occuvision provides access to a Snellen chart as well as a Tumbling E chart. A Tumbling E eye chart is set up similarly to the Snellen chart but uses only the letter E, in different orientations across each line. A patient demonstrates the orientation of each E by mimicking its position with hand movements. This chart is useful when working with young children who are unable to recognize letters, or when aiding illiterate patients or those with cognitive disabilities.