What Websites Are Available to Help Determine What Type of Person You Should Date?


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EHarmony.com is a dating website that lists qualities to look for when dating a person. OKCupid.com, another dating site also offers advice about who to date, in addition to personality quizzes meant to help determine good partners.

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One of the pages listed on eHarmony, gives users a list of 10 things to know about a person they are dating. It lists things such as faith and value system, including how happiness is defined, how difficult decisions are navigated and the role of prayer in life; definition of relationship, including commitments, the current state of the relationship and where the relationship is headed; and conflict-resolving skills, including how past arguments have been handled, how aggressive each partner is and how quick each partner is to apologize.

OKCupid.com offers a "Quick and dirty personality test" and "The LONG scientific personality test." This website acknowledges that people are usually most drawn to others who are exactly the same or exactly the opposite of themselves. It states that dating an opposite personality is difficult to maintain and requires the most work, while dating a similar personality can be annoying, as partners share similar traits and faults. Therefore, it focuses its tests on determining what people prefer and what behaviors they find attractive.

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