What Are Some Ways of Treating Soreness in the Tailbone?


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Ways of treating soreness in the tailbone include applying ice, assuming comfortable positions, using a special cushion while sitting and taking pain medications, reports WebMD. Eating foods with high fiber content eases pain by relieving constipation and helping stools pass more easily. In rare cases of extreme pain or injury, doctors may inject a local anesthetic directly into the tailbone or surgically remove the coccyx.

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A number of situations can cause tailbone pain, including sitting for a long time on a hard surface, vaginal childbirth, joint degeneration or falling on the coccyx, explains Mayo Clinic. For two or three days after injuries, people with tailbone pain can apply ice packs several times a day for 15 to 20 minutes, advises WebMD. They can also take nonprescription painkillers such as aspirin, ibuprofen or acetaminophen. They should stand rather than sit for extended periods. When they sit, they should avoid assuming a stationary position, but rather alternate resting weight on one buttock and then the other or lean forward to take pressure off the tailbone.

If a change in diet does not relieve constipation that exacerbates tailbone pain, doctors may prescribe stool softeners, according to WebMD. Tailbone pain caused by bruises goes away in about four weeks, while tailbone fractures may take eight to 12 weeks to heal, notes MedlinePlus. Although most tailbone injuries do not require follow-up, patients should notify their doctors if they experience numbness, swelling, an abrupt increase in pain, or difficulty controlling bladder or bowel movements.

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