What Are Some Ways to Treat Migrane Headaches Without Medication?


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Ways to treat migraine headaches without medication include practicing relaxation techniques, improving sleeping habits and keeping a notebook to track triggers and effective treatments, according to Mayo Clinic. Other ways to treat migraine headaches without medicine include acupuncture, biofeedback, massage therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy.

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Relaxation techniques that may provide relief from migraine headaches include yoga, meditation and progressive muscle relaxation, states Mayo Clinic. Going to bed and waking up on a consistent schedule may help to treat migraine headaches, and it is also important to get enough sleep without oversleeping.

When a migraine begins, it may help to wrap an ice pack in cloth, place it on the back of the neck and sit in a quiet and dark room, recommends Mayo Clinic. Gently applying pressure to painful parts of the scalp may also alleviate pain.

As of 2015, evidence suggests that an herb called butterbur may alleviate or prevent migraine headaches, notes Mayo Clinic. Studies suggest that an herb called feverfew may also help to prevent migraines. It may be possible to prevent or reduce the frequency of migraine headaches by taking a large dose of vitamin B-2. Although they don't provide relief from migraine headaches, coenzyme Q10 supplements may reduce their rate of occurrence.

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