What Are Some Ways to Treat Large, Hard Skin Abscesses?


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A patient can treat a hard skin abscess at home by applying a warm compress to the affected area of the skin four times a day for at least 30 minutes, suggests WebMD. Do not poke or prod hard skin abscesses with the fingers or sharp objects to avoid pushing infected materials into deep tissues or injuring blood vessels.

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Those with hard skin abscesses that are larger than 1 centimeter or a half-inch in width should seek medical attention, warns WebMD. Sores that continue to grow, become painful or prompt fevers higher than 101.5 degrees Fahrenheit also require medical attention. A medical professional should evaluate any large, hard skin abscesses near the groin or rectal area.

Treatments for hard skin abscesses that require medical attention include the opening and draining of the abscesses or growths, according to WebMD. A medical professional first numbs the affected area or administers a sedative to help the patient cope with the pain of the procedure. The doctor covers a large abscess with antiseptic solution before cutting and draining the wound of debris and pus. Physicians often insert packing into the skin area of the abscess to reduce bleeding. Bandaging the wound area prevents infection, and pain medication may be available during the short recovery period.

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