What Are Some Ways to Treat Heel Spurs Naturally?


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Some ways to treat a heel spur naturally include rest, using ice compresses and stretching exercises. These are also convention or conservative treatment options can use for heel spurs. An important factor in treating heel spurs is to stop the activity that is causing the problem, as noted by Dr. Weil.

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A heel spur is a bony overgrowth that develops on the underside of the heel area, notes WebMD. The different causes of a heel spur can include repetitive stress placed on muscles ligament, or tendons near the heel and the overstretching of the plantar fascia, which is a thick band of tissue that joins the heel bone to the toes. Some other risk factors for the formation of a heel spur are shoes that do not fit properly, obesity and excessive walking.

When heel spurs are caused by shoe problems, then changing shoes, orthotic devices and inserts may be conservative methods to treat heel spurs, especially when the condition causes symptoms that include heel inflammation and pain. Although a conventional treatment option to treat inflammation is to prescribe a medication, such as ibuprofen, there are natural alternatives to this anti-inflammatory medication. Ginger and turmeric supplements are natural anti-inflammatory substances that may be effective for heel spur inflammation, as noted by Dr. Weil.

Many of these conservative or natural treatments may help with heel spurs. However, if the condition is not ameliorated after a year of with these treatment options, then surgery may be necessary, states WebMD.

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