What Are Some Ways to Treat Eczema?


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Treatments that can help to relieve and control eczema symptoms include using mild or artificial soaps and applying lotion immediately following baths, explains WebMD. Eczema sufferers may also find relief by adding a few drops of bleach to their bath water, as this can help reduce bacteria on the skin.

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What Are Some Ways to Treat Eczema?
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Eczema symptoms can also be treated with topical corticosteroid ointments to relieve that can help to relieve itching, but it is important for sufferers to consult with a physician prior to use, as these treatments may cause skin irritation. Additional treatment options include oral antihistamines to minimize itching and corticosteroid injections to relieve inflammation. Individuals with skin infections due to excess scratching may require additional antibiotic medications, as noted by Mayo Clinic.

Additional practices that can help to minimize flare-ups and ease symptoms include taking lukewarm baths and showers, installing a humidifier in the home during periods of dry weather, and keeping the fingernails cut short to prevent excessive scratching, explains the National Eczema Association. Individuals with eczema should also wear clothing made with soft materials and pat the skin dry following showers and baths to prevent skin irritation. If eczema symptoms are triggered by allergies, sufferers may also find relief by removing home carpeting and treating their animals for excessive dander.

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