What Are Some Ways to Treat Earaches?

What Are Some Ways to Treat Earaches?

Some ways to treat earaches include placing ice packs on the area affected, chewing gum, using over-the-counter ear drops and treating the underlying cause. An earache is a sharp, dull or burning pain in one or both ears, according to Medline Plus.

Anyone can get an earache regardless of age and gender. Some of the most common causes of earache include injury, extreme temperatures, ear infection, certain diseases, sinus infection or objects getting stuck in the ear.

Ear pain that is caused by an infection can be treated by dealing with the underlying cause. Paying a visit to the doctor will lead to examination and diagnosis. Doctors usually give ear drops to help correct the issue.

Earache caused by extreme temperatures can be treated by placing either cold or warm packs on the ears depending on the temperature that is causing the pain. Over-the-counter pain killers may be a good way to deal with painful sensations around the ears.

In some instances, resting in an upright position may help reduce pressure in the middle ear and effectively relieving the patient from pain. Chewing gum may equally reduce pressure from the ear and alleviate the pain. To find the most effective treatment for an earache, visit a doctor for proper diagnosis, notes WebMD.