What Are Some Ways to Treat Difficulty With Sleeping?


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Ways to treat difficulty with sleeping include adhering to a sleeping schedule, monitoring food and drink habits, creating a bedtime ritual to wind down and improving the comfort of the bedroom, according to Mayo Clinic. Avoiding naps, exercising regularly and taking steps to reduce stress may also improve sleeping problems.

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Going to bed and waking up at the same time every day improves sleep by reinforcing the body's sleep-wake cycle, notes Mayo Clinic. However, if sleep does not occur within 15 minutes, it is beneficial to get out of bed and do something relaxing.

Going to bed hungry or too full can cause sleep interruptions, states Mayo Clinic. Drinking liquids before bed may also interrupt sleep. Alcohol, nicotine and caffeine can make it difficult to sleep at night. Experts recommend adopting a relaxing routine before bed. Suggestions include listening to soft music, reading a book or taking a warm shower or bath.

A cool, dark and quiet room is ideal for getting rest at night, according to Mayo Clinic. Exercising during the day is an excellent way to get tired before bed, but physical activity too close to bedtime can disrupt sleep. Organization, task delegation and prioritizing can reduce stress, which may lead to a better night's sleep.

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