What are some ways to tighten sagging skin around the neck?


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Some ways to tighten sagging skin around the neck include using moisturizer, taking vitamin supplements, undergoing laser resurfacing and receiving injections, according to HowStuffWorks. Another way to treat sagging skin around the neck is skin removal surgery.

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If sagging skin is minor, a moisturizer containing vitamin C, vitamin A, beta hydroxy acid or alpha hydroxy acid may help to tighten the skin visibly, explains HowStuffWorks. Taking antioxidant vitamin supplements and drinking enough water can also help to make the skin glow and prevent a droopy, dry appearance.

Infrared lasers and radiofrequency treatments tighten up the skin around the neck by heating the skin and restructuring the collagen, which tightens the skin and reduces wrinkles, notes HowStufWorks. These treatment methods may require several visits, but the recovery time is quick. Collagen injections are also an option for sagging skin around the neck. These fillers usually contain hyaluronic acid and fat cells in addition to collagen.

If conservative methods do not work to treat sagging skin around the neck, surgery is also an option, states HowStuffWorks. A facelift can help to tighten up the skin around the jaw line, and the surgeon can use fat from other areas of the body to create contours and smooth out the skin.

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