What Are Some Ways to Tighten Loose Belly Skin?


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Ways to tighten loose belly skin include doing traditional and side planks, cardio and strength training, according to the Houston Chronicle. Changing diet by lowering the intake of calories can also aid in tightening loose belly skin.

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What Are Some Ways to Tighten Loose Belly Skin?
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To do a plank, the person should get into a press-up position and exert weight of the upper body on the forearms, which should be beneath the chest and form a 45-degree angle with the upper arms, explains the Houston Chronicle. Just like in push ups, the individual should spread her legs out, ensure that the back and legs are in a straight line, and maintain her bottom's position. Then, she should tilt the arms, abs and legs, and hold this position for as long as necessary. A side plank involves lying on one side, and then tilting parts of the body.

The person needs to perform at least 150 minutes of cardio moderately to tighten stomach skin, states the Houston Chronicle. She can lose weight and make the skin flatter by doing intense aerobic exercises for 75 minutes. Combining aerobics with intense exercises can aid in burning more fat and tightening the skin.

The individual must burns more calories than what she consumes, according to the Houston Chronicle. To lose a pound per week, it is necessary to lower calorie intake by 500 calories a day. She can eat low-fat foods, and cut down on foods that are low in nutrients and empty-calorie foods.

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