What Are Some Ways to Stop Night Sweats?


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Although night sweats may be due to sleeping in a hot room, it can be the symptom of different medical conditions, such as tuberculosis, infections, menopause, hyperthyroidism, different types of cancer and anxiety, states the Mayo Clinic. Certain medications can also be a cause for this symptom. In cases where night sweats is caused by a medical condition, stopping night sweats may involve different treatment options that can include medications for the specific condition.

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What Are Some Ways to Stop Night Sweats?
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Night sweat is perspiring profusely while asleep. Night sweats that occur due to sleeping in a warm environment or having too many layers of clothing can be addressed easily by either opening a window or removing some clothing. However, when it is a medical condition that is the cause for this symptom, then the direct cause must first be identified.

One main reason for night sweats in women over 50 can be menopause. Hot flashes are associated with menopause, explains WebMD. Because menopause is linked to hormonal changes, doctors can prescribe hormone therapy to help with this symptom, relates eMedicine Health.

When the night sweats are the side effect of a specific medication that the person is taking, the treatment option may be to take the person off it and prescribe a new medication. If night sweats are a symptom of an underlying medical problem, then treating the condition with the appropriate medication may resolve this symptom.

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