What Are Some Ways to Stop Drinking Alcohol Successfully?

What Are Some Ways to Stop Drinking Alcohol Successfully?

Some ways to stop drinking alcohol include asking for help from a doctor, going to a substance abuse treatment program, avoiding social situations and places that involve alcohol and attending support groups or 12-step meetings. There are many other suggestions on how to stop drinking from health care providers, and individuals should try different methods to determine what works best for them.

Some people who drink alcohol need medical supervision when they stop drinking because alcohol withdrawal can be deadly. Long-term, heavy drinkers may need to go to a detoxification program to stop drinking safely and to relieve withdrawal symptoms.

Some individuals benefit from substance abuse treatment programs because of the comprehensive treatment and support they provide. There are several types of substance abuse programs, including residential, partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient.

Many people who have quit drinking or who work with alcoholics suggest that newly sober individuals avoid certain people, places and situations that may trigger them to drink. It is also helpful to have a plan in place for how to reject alcohol when it is offered.

Finally, there are many types of support groups and 12-step programs that are available to anyone who wants help to stop drinking. Alcoholics Anonymous and SMART Recovery are two popular examples that have meetings nationwide.