What Are Some Ways to Stay Awake at Work?


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Common strategies to stay awake at work involve intake of caffeine, physical motion such as a walk around the office, eating a healthy snack or drinking water, or listening to music. It is also helpful to switch between tasks to keep from getting bored.

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Drinking coffee or soft drinks is often the first strategy for staying awake at work after lunch when most employees begin to feel exhausted. However, there are any strategies for staying awake for workers who either want to avoid excess caffeine or have no access to caffeine-loaded drinks. The easiest way to keep from falling asleep is to get up and move around. A short, brisk walk elevates breathing and heart rates just enough to provide a second wind until it's time to clock out.

Drinking water throughout the day or eating a light, healthy snack in the afternoon are also easy ways to stay awake while at work. Dehydration and hunger cause the body's metabolism to slow, so staying hydrated and having some fresh fruit or granola bars as snacks helps keep workers from falling asleep. It is also helpful for many people to keep their minds from getting bored with repetitive tasks. Switching between several tasks or listening to music while working can get sleepy workers through the day.

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