What Are Some Ways to Start Off the Day Positively?


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A few ways to start a day positively include meditating, reading something inspirational, doing yoga, and placing fresh flowers within eyesight, as recommended by Inc. Planning for the day the night before also reduces morning stress.

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Meditating for 15 minutes in the morning stimulates the brain, eliminates distractions and helps to clear away negativity, as stated by Inc. This can include a time of prayer or thoughtful introspection. While reading the news in the morning may increase negativity, reading an inspirational, uplifting or funny book brings positive energy to the start of the day. Yoga is a good whole-body exercise that is useful for waking up and increasing feel-good endorphins, which in turn increase alertness. The stretching and control of breathing that characterize yoga also increase positivity.

Studies suggest that being exposed to a splash of bright colors in the early morning increases energy and positive feelings, according to Inc. Picking a fresh bouquet and placing it within view to replace a winter landscape or an otherwise barren environment is one way to accomplish this. Planning breakfast, setting out clothes and creating a to-do list for the next day every night helps a person to begin the day in an organized and relaxed manner. This can save time and frustration, leaving room for more important issues.

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