What Are Some Ways to Start a Conversation With Your Boyfriend?


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A good way to start a conversation with a boyfriend is by asking questions, such as how he pictures his life in five or 10 years and what his first impression of his partner was. By answering meaningful questions, opportunities to have more conversations begin to occur.

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Other questions that can start a conversation include asking what he would like to change about himself and how his partner can help. He may also begin talking when asked about a significant event in his life that changed him as a person and if he considers that change to be good or bad. Another idea is to ask a boyfriend to write down three things that he loves about his partner, while his partner does the same. This can be followed by guessing what was on the other person's list.

If trying to initiate a particularly difficult conversation with a boyfriend, some tips are to start with bad news and end on a good note. It is also important that the boyfriend is alerted that his partner wants to discuss something and what the conversation is about. It is beneficial to highlight that the issue is about a person's point of view about a situation, rather than focusing on the situation itself as the problem. The boyfriend and his partner can then discuss when a good time to have the conversation would be.

Finally, a conversation is more satisfying if those involved decide on what they would consider acceptable results. For that reason, a boyfriend and his partner should agree on common goals.

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