What Are Some Ways That Spider Veins Can Be Prevented?


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Although there is no way that all forms of spider veins can be prevented, there are some measures that can be taken to lessen their chances of appearing on the lower body, such as regular exercise to improve leg strength, elevating the legs when resting and not sitting for long periods of time without getting up and moving around. Not wearing tight clothing that constricts the legs, groin area and waist can help to prevent spider veins on the lower body as well as wearing low-heeled shoes as much as possible. The chances of facial spider veins appearing can be lessened with the use of protective sunscreen.

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Spider veins are caused by a back up of blood in a small dilated vein near the surface of the skin. The root cause can be congenital or an age or lifestyle factor. An occupation that requires long periods of time sitting or standing can result in vein distension in the lower body when the weight of the blood pressing on closed blood valves causes them to fail. Gender is a factor, and women are affected about four times as much as men.

Facial spider veins are often treated with laser therapy. However, laser therapy may carry the risk of harming sweat glands over the course of repeated treatments. Sclerotherapy is the usual treatment for spider veins appearing on the legs and consists of injecting a medication into the vein that causes it to shrink.

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