What Are Some Ways to Help Seniors Learn About Computers?


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Look for local programs designed to help seniors learn new technology, such as Senior Net and the Connections Program, and invest in a few simple how-to books in order to get seniors in your life comfortable with computers, the Internet and specific programs or sites that they are likely to use. The Huffington Post observes that online tutorials like GCFLearnFree.org are also available, but seniors need to be somewhat comfortable with a computer and the Internet already to access them.

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New computers also frequently come with interactive tutorials and customer service options to help a new user acclimate to the specific programs and features of that computer model, and the Goodwill Community Foundation recommends taking advantage of them. Microsoft Accessibility is an online guide from Microsoft designed to specifically assist seniors in using its products.

Que Publishing has an entire series of books dedicated to helping seniors with a variety of computer-related topics, so you can pick the subjects that you think are most beneficial, such as one focusing on using MacBooks. There is also a general book, "Computers For Seniors For Dummies" by Nancy C. Muir, that specializes in Windows 8, making it useful for seniors utilizing that operating system.

The New York Times reports that only a little over half of seniors in the United States over 65 years old had access to the Internet as of 2013. For seniors to truly learn about computers and modern technology, they need to have regular and stable Internet access. If seniors in your area do not have Internet access, the first step in teaching them is helping to provide it. This helps them get the most out of local programs, books and other teaching methods.

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