Are There Ways to Self-Test for Sleep Apnea?


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Although only a physician can diagnose sleep apnea, there are online self tests, such as those offered through the American Sleep Apnea Association and the Division of Sleep Medicine at Harvard Medical School as of 2015. These tests help individuals evaluate their symptoms and risk of developing sleep disorders.

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The American Sleep Apnea Association recommends several self tests to gauge the likelihood of having sleep apnea or another sleep disorder. One such test is the Snore Score. The test involves assigning a rating of one to five for several experiences based on how often the test-taker has experienced them, explains Alliance Community Hospital. A score of one indicates that the person never has that experience, and five indicates it happens always or almost always. An example of an experience is disturbing a sleeping partner by snoring.

Another test is the Epworth Sleepiness Scale, which requires test-takers to assign a score of zero to three to several situations depending on how likely they are to fall asleep in those situations, as explained by Stanford University. One situation on the test is watching TV, and another is inactive sitting in public.

The STOP-BANG survey evaluation also helps individuals test themselves for sleep apnea indicators, according to the Division of Sleep Medicine at Harvard Medical School. The test features four yes-or-no questions, such as one that asks if the anyone has noticed the individual not breathing during sleep. It also includes four questions concerning age, neck circumference, gender and body mass index.

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