What Are Some Ways to Save on Plastic Surgery Costs?


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Some ways to save on plastic surgery costs include exploring possible insurance coverage, checking for discounts, discussing financing options and asking for the surgery as a gift, according to WebMD. Cosmetic surgery insurance provides an option for paying for complications, repairs and follow-up procedures after an initial plastic surgery procedure.

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Although health insurance typically does not cover cosmetic procedures, it may cover plastic surgery if it relieves a physical symptom or is otherwise related to a health condition, as WebMD explains. For example, if plastic surgery repairs an eyelid that partially obstructs a patient's vision, an insurance company may pay for some of the expense. Another example is an insurance paying to repair a nose problem that also affects the patient's breathing. Additionally, Some plastic surgeons offer discounts for performing more than one procedure on the same day, and shopping around is one way to find a physician with low costs or who offers discounts for specific groups of procedures.

Financing through an institution that offers loans specifically for cosmetic surgery is another option for paying for plastic surgery, states WebMD. Although financing does not lower the total cost, it reduces the upfront payment required for the procedure. Other financing options include credit cards, general bank loans and financing programs offered directly by plastic surgeons.

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