What Are Some Ways to Safely Remove Ticks at Home?


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The best way to remove ticks at home is with a pair of tweezers, says WebMD. It is important to grasp the tick with the tweezers as close to its mouth as possible, and then gently pull the tick straight off your skin until it lets go with its mouth.

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What Are Some Ways to Safely Remove Ticks at Home?
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Do not grasp the tick around its swollen belly, as this could cause it to push infected fluid into your body when you squeeze it, notes WebMD. When pulling with the tweezers, do not twist, as it could break off the head and leave it attached to your skin. If you do not have tweezers, you can use a tissue or rubber gloves to grasp the tick at the head and pull it off. Don't touch ticks with your bare hands.

Save the tick in a plastic bag and freeze it in case you need it for identification purposes later, advises WebMD. Treat the area of the bite with an antibiotic ointment and place a bandage over the bite.

It is not a good idea to try and smother an attached tick with petroleum jelly to kill it, nor is it wise to try and burn it, cautions WebMD. Either could cause it to release infected liquid into your body.

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