What Are Some Ways to Get Rid of Parasites?


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The Health Wyze Report states that the different ways to get rid parasites depend on the parasite present. Parasites depend on the host organism for nutrients and, in the process, hurt their host. In humans, they often live in the intestines. There are two major types of parasites: helminths and protozoa.

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Underground Health explains that people can employ natural methods to starve and destroy parasites by eliminating sugars and sugary substances from the foods. Fasting using fermented drinks rids the body off parasites fast. In addition, it is possible to use foods and herbs, such as raw garlic, onion and extra virgin coconut oil, as anti-parasitic agents.

According to The Health Wyze Report, conventional doctors prescribe allopathic treatment for the removal of parasites. Anti-parasitic medicine is toxic, killing the parasite in the process; however, these medicines produce side effects in the host organism as well. The medicines must be taken as prescribed to be effective.

Parasites get into the host through the air, food and the water, explains Underground Health. In the host, they cause damage that manifests in the form of symptoms of illnesses. It is vital to get rid of parasites early before they damage the host's body.

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