What Are Some Ways to Get Rid of a Mosaic Wart?

Methods for removing a mosaic wart include over-the-counter medications, surgery, freezing, prescription medications, duct tape and leaving it to go away on its own, reports WebMD. Mosaic warts are clusters of common plantar warts usually found on the hands or soles of the feet, according to Wikipedia.

Plantar warts usually go away without treatment, notes WebMD. However, if they become a nuisance, they can be treated successfully with over-the-counter medications in about half of cases. Over-the-counter medications work by peeling away warts. A home remedy that works similarly is duct tape, which is applied to warts in a small strip and left for six days. The tape is removed and the warts soaked in warm water, then rubbed with a pumice stone for removal. The process is repeated until warts are gone.

Medical treatments include using liquid nitrogen to freeze warts, removing them surgically or injecting medicines that strengthen the immune system so it can fight off warts on its own, reports WebMD. Warts sometimes return, whether treated at home or by a medical professional. Warts on the foot are more difficult to treat because the majority of the wart is below the surface of skin. Plantar warts are benign growths on the skin that are caused by a virus, human papillomavirus.