What Are Some Ways to Reverse and Cure Diabetes?


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There is no way to cure diabetes, but individuals can successfully manage the condition, and it may enter remission with treatments including regular exercise, a healthy diet and weight loss surgery, WebMD explains. Surgery that leads to significant weight loss is particularly effective at returning blood sugar levels to normal. As of 2015, researchers are investigating new forms of treatment, such as islet cell transplantation and stem cell therapy, that may eventually be able to cure diabetes.

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Medicines used for Type 2 diabetes treatment regulate insulin production and use glucose excretion, sugar absorption by various organs and related functions, WebMD states. Medicines that increase the level of insulin production or reduce sugar production include alogliptin, liraglutide, dulaglutide, glyburide and glimepiride. Medicines such as miglitol and acarbose increase the rate of sugar absorption, while medicines such as empagliflozin and canaglifozin prevent the kidney from reabsorbing glucose and boost the amount of glucose released through urine. Some Type 2 diabetes patients do not need medicines to regulate relevant functions and find that an appropriate diet and exercise regime are enough.

Adjusting the overall ratio of proteins, fats, carbohydrates in a diet plan based on the individual’s weight and health is crucial for regulating blood sugar, WebMD advises. As a rule, diabetes patients should avoid trans fats entirely and make sure saturated fats make up no more than 7 percent of total food intake. Overweight individuals should consider switching to a diet with reduced carbohydrates, reduced fat or reduced calories.

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