What Are Some Ways to Remove Moles Yourself?

Methods of removing moles at home, such as using lotions or pastes, can cause infection, scarring or bleeding, according to WebMD. It is important to have a doctor check the mole for cancer before having it removed, and a medical professional should perform the removal of the mole.

A physician may remove a mole by freezing, burning or cutting it, notes WebMD. To freeze the mole off, the doctor sprays or swabs a little bit of ultra-cold liquid nitrogen onto the mole. After the procedure, a small blister is common and heals naturally.

To burn the mole off, a doctor applies a wire heated by an electrical current to the mole, explains WebMD. Burning the mole off may require multiple treatments to be successful. Cutting the mole off may involve shaving it down to skin level or making a deeper cut if the mole's cells go under the skin. Stitches may be necessary for proper healing.

Having a role removed can be mildly painful, but the doctor does apply an anesthetic before starting, reports WebMD. After the procedure, the doctor may apply a medicine to reduce bleeding, followed by a bandage. Mole removals do not usually leave marks or scars.