What Are Some Ways to Relieve Sinus Pain Using Pressure Points?


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To relieve sinus pain using acupressure points, lightly apply pressure to the Hoku, or LI 4, pressure point located in between the thumb and index finger in the webbing, instructs Dr. Michael Reed Gach for Acupressure Points. This pressure point also helps relieve congestion in the sinuses and provides an antihistamine effect.

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Other acupressure points that may relieve congestion and provide relief from sinus pain include the B2, LI20 and St3, states Gach. Located at the bridge of the nose where the nose meets the eyebrows, the B2 pressure point helps relieve frontal and upper sinus problems when gently pressed.

The LI20 is located directly under the inner corner of each eye on either side of the bottom of the nose, explains Gach. For maximum effect, gently apply pressure on both LI20 pressure points at the same time, gradually increase the pressure and hold for two to three minutes before relaxing the pressure while taking deep breaths, and finally release the pressure. This pressure point helps relieve the maxillary sinuses in the cheek.

The St3 point also relieves pressure in the maxillary sinuses, states Gach. It is located just below the cheekbones underneath the eyes and nose. If also using a Neti pot to relieve pain, use the pressure points before and after using the Neti pot to maximize the effectiveness.

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