What Are Some Ways to Relieve Leg Pain at Night?

Some ways to relieve leg pain at night include massaging the painful area and taking quick walks, advises Cleveland Clinic. If the pain wakes an individual up from sleep, a short stroll to the kitchen and back can help relieve the pain enough so that he can sleep.

There are also methods that help prevent or lessen leg pain at night such as doing some light exercise and stretching immediately before bed, suggests the Chicago Tribune. The exercise doesn't need to be too involved, just a few minutes on a stationary bike or other piece of exercise equipment. Keeping the sheets loose can also help to relieve any potential leg pain. When a leg cramp does occur, the individual can jiggle the leg to help relieve the pain as soon as possible, adds Everyday Health.

Experts suggest that people need to practice good sleeping habits which can help to mitigate pain associated with restless legs syndrome, explains WebMD. For instance, caffeine, alcohol and nicotine can interfere with sleep and need to be avoided. Heavy meals right before bed can also keep people awake and more prone to leg pain. An individual who has trouble sleeping due to leg pain needs to keep a regular sleeping schedule and avoid any napping during the day that gets in the way of falling asleep quickly at night.