What Are Some Ways to Relieve Hip Pain From Arthritis?


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Some ways to relieve hip pain from arthritis include exercise, getting plenty of rest and using compresses on the affected areas. This hip is an important joint that allows the human body to make fluid movements. Wear and tear of the hip joint bones, muscles and tendons caused by arthritis may lead to painful sensations, notes WebMD.

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Hip arthritis can be characterized by a number of symptoms, including a painful sensation around the hip. Making certain movements involving the hip may become difficult due to pain or stiffness. In some cases, individuals may develop a limp that is often caused by pain.

To manage this condition, lifestyle changes may be necessary. Eating foods that are rich in nutrients such as potassium and calcium can help in better development of bones and muscles, thereby relieving pain. Certain stretching exercises can help in managing pain.

Individuals that are overweight are encouraged to lose excess pounds. This is because weight exerts too much pressure on the bones and muscles, which leads to painful sensations. Some medications can relieve pain, slow bone loss, relieve inflammation and provide comfort for individuals, notes the Arthritis Foundation. In severe cases of hip pain, surgery may be necessary.

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