What Are Ways to Reduce the Side Effects of Iron Supplements?

For the side effects of iron supplements to be reduced, take the supplement in divided doses, use a stool softener and take the supplement with food. Starting out with a smaller dose and increasing to the recommended dose can also help reduce the side effects by giving the body time to adjust to the supplements.

Iron supplements are often used in people who have anemia. The iron in these supplements can help increase the instances and production of red blood cells in the body. The iron will also help keep the body's blood at a more normal level. Supplements are one of the easiest ways for anemic people to get the iron they are lacking.

Iron supplements come with many side effects, the most common being digestive issues. Iron can be taken with orange juice or vitamin C supplements to help it become more effective. Vitamin C will also help reduce the amount of side effects. It is recommended that iron not be taken with food because it can reduce the absorption by 40 to 66 percent. While it is not ideal to take food with iron supplements, food is one of the best things for reducing the symptoms of iron supplements.