What Are Some Ways to Reduce Bloating Quickly?


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A light massage in a circular motion may relieve bloating, advises Redbook. With fingers pressed near the right hip, slide your hand up toward your ribs, across your abdomen and down toward your colon. The movement may aid in evacuating gas and releasing pressure.

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Performing some abdominal stretches before getting up in the morning may soothe and help prevent bloating, according to Redbook. While lying on your back, draw your knees up to your abdomen, and hold the position for a few minutes. Slowly relax your abdomen by gently twisting your knees side-to-side.

A workout can help reduce the gas that causes bloating. A short walk after eating may also help soothe the digestive system and ease bloating, notes Healthline. Alternatively, over-the-counter anti-gas pills may help prevent gas and relieve bloating.

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