What Are Some Ways to Raise Awareness During Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Month?


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Some ways to raise awareness during Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Month are through social media messages, fundraisers, and by wearing orange ribbons. Businesses can raise awareness through discount-related promotions. Prominent figures can also make public statements about multiple sclerosis.

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During Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Month, awareness can be raised through the Internet. The National Multiple Sclerosis Society encourages people to send photos, e-cards and messages about people living with multiple sclerosis through social media and email using the hashtag "#strongerthanMS".

Beyond the Internet, members of the public can organize fundraising drives such as raffles, bake sales, and walkathons to raise awareness, according to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. These public fundraising endeavors make tangible contributions while generating more awareness of multiple sclerosis. Those who would like to raise awareness beyond the internet and social media can contact the nearest chapter listed on the National Multiple Sclerosis Society website for local opportunities in their area.

Some events raising awareness for multiple sclerosis are, according to Everyday Health: Swim for MS, Walk MS and Dinners of Champions. Swim for MS is organized by the Multiple Sclerosis Association of America, and allows participants to collect pledges for completing swimming challenges. Walk MS has about 400,000 participants each year. It is organized by the National Multiple Sclerosis Society and allows participants to raise pledges for walking challenges. Dinners of Champions are meal-related events organized by the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. They raise funds for multiple sclerosis primarily through ticket sales.

Businesses and commercial establishments can also participate in raising awareness during Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Month, according to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. They can provides discounts and donations towards multiple sclerosis based on flyers presented by customers. Prominent figures such as politicians and celebrities can also make public speeches and statements about multiple sclerosis. Orange ribbons and orange shirts can also be worn as visible promotion of multiple sclerosis awareness.

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