What Are Some Ways to Quit Smoking?


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Some ways to quit smoking include quitting cold turkey, behavioral therapy and nicotine replacement therapy, according to the American Cancer Society. It can be difficult to quit smoking due to nicotine's addictive qualities, so avoid triggers as often as possible by avoiding bars where smoking is allowed, avoiding television shows that showcase smoking and staying away from friends who openly smoke.

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Quitting smoking cold turkey involves choosing to stop smoking without therapy, medicine or nicotine aids. Most people attempt to quit smoking through this method, but only 4 to 7 percent are successful using the cold turkey method on its own, reports WebMD.

Behavioral therapy involves working with a licensed therapist who can help a smoker identify triggers and make plans to deal with cravings. Nicotine replacement therapy involves stopping cigarette use and using a nicotine patch instead. The smoker is then slowly weaned off of the nicotine, notes Mayo Clinic.

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