What Are Some Ways to Quickly Remove Freckles?


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Some ways to quickly remove freckles are by using bleaching or fading creams, laser treatment, cryosurgery and photofacials, according to MedicineNet. Laser treatment is one of the quickest ways and is generally very safe, with a low risk of producing skin blemishes.

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Bleaching or fading creams have acidic properties that are effective in lightening freckles, states MedicineNet. Cryosurgery is a procedure in which intense cold is used to destroy unwanted tissue, and this procedure can be utilized in removing freckles.

In photofacials, an intense light source is inserted underneath the skin and heats the unwanted freckles to remove them, notes DailyMakeover.com. The process can take between one session and multiple sessions depending on the magnitude of the freckles that need removed.

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