What Are Some Ways to Price Check Prescription Drugs at Local Pharmacies?

GoodRx is a free online drug comparison service that shows browsers the prices of prescriptions at area pharmacies, states the GoodRx website. Health Trans also offers a similar service that helps you locate local pharmacies that carry the prescriptions they need and the prices they list for the drugs, according to the company website.

Because prescription drug prices vary between pharmacies, GoodRx allows users of the site to search for the name of the drug they are looking for and then shows pharmacies and drug prices based on businesses. Site users can then insert their ZIP codes for more hyperlocal results, according to the GoodRx site. The GoodRx website also provides discount coupons that can be used at participating pharmacies for added discounts.

Health Trans is very similar in function to GoodRx but is more location based. Site users can insert the name of the prescription drug they are looking for and then their address, as well as a radius in miles from the specified address that they would like to search within, according to the Health Trans medication search function. The Health Trans site then prompts users to specify the specific dose, quantity, and/or type of medication they are looking for, as well as the pills they are prescribed per day and how many days they need. A list is then generated with local pharmacies and the prices they offer for the specific prescription drug, according to the Health Trans site.