What Are Ways to Prevent Thrush Mouth?


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To prevent thrush mouth, or oral thrush, practice good dental hygiene by getting regular dental checkups, rinsing the mouth after taking medications and limiting consumption of sugary foods, according to Mayo Clinic. People who use dentures should clean them daily to prevent candida infection.

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Oral thrush is a fungal infection caused by the Candida albicans fungus, explains Mayo Clinic. It most often affects people with weakened immune systems, infants or elderly individuals and people taking antibiotics. People with certain illnesses, such as HIV, cancer or vaginal yeast infections, are highly susceptible to developing oral thrush. Symptoms include cracking skin around the mouth; white spots on the tongue and inner cheeks; mouth lesions; and difficulty swallowing.

To treat oral thrush, antifungal medications or mouthwash are used, states Healthline. People with healthy immune systems may use clotrimazole lozenges or nystatin mouthwash, while cancer or HIV patients may use itraconazole or amphotericin B medications. At home, patients are encouraged to eat yogurt to maintain a high amount of good bacteria and use a soft toothbrush and hydrogen peroxide mouth rinse. Although oral thrush may take two weeks to heal, depending on the health of the patient, it can be cured. However, oral thrush can return even after successful treatment.

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