What Are Some Ways to Prevent Teenage Pregnancy?


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Early communication about sex and pregnancy is an effective method for preventing teenage pregnancy, according to Dr. Phil. Starting the conversation about sex, pregnancy and the consequences of having unprotected sex at an early age helps teenagers make smarter decisions about romantic relationships.

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Conversations about sex need to be open and honest, advises Dr. Phil. Parents should welcome questions and concerns from their children without making them feel ashamed.

Another helpful tool for preventing early teenage pregnancy is establishing family rules before a child enters high school, indicates Dr. Phil. For example, parents may set curfews and detail the expectations of the teenager's behavior. By setting the rules up in advance and leaving room for discussion, teenagers understand the boundaries in place.

Parents must establish dating ages in a positive way well before high school begins, states Dr. Phil. They need to discourage early dating and promote group activities with friends. Parents must be firm on the dating age and continue to reinforce family values that support the age that a teenager can begin dating.

Parents must get to know a child's friends and their parents, according to Dr. Phil. Parents need to explain to a teenager that to continue being friends with another teenager, an in-person meeting must occur. A meeting simply means inviting the friend to come over for dinner or hang out with the entire family on the weekend.

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