What Are Some Ways to Prevent a Stroke?


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Preventing a stroke involves controlling the risk factors for stroke, such as drinking significant amounts of alcohol, not exercising regularly, being overweight or having diabetes, according to WebMD. It is also essential to treat other health problems, particularly high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes, and to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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Individuals who smoke and those with atrial fibrillation are also prone to stroke, notes WebMD. Stroke sufferers should follow their doctors' recommendations in maintaining normal blood sugar, cholesterol and blood pressure levels. Doctors sometimes prescribe a blood thinner or aspirin to prevent another stroke.

It is crucial to quit smoking, stay away from smokers, and reduce alcohol intake to two drinks daily for men and one drink daily for women, states WebMD. Stroke sufferers should also maintain a healthy weight, as excess weight increases the risk for various health problems. It helps to perform activities that increase the heart rate, such as walking for 30 minutes several days a week. Playing tennis, cycling swimming and running are also good activities for the heart.

Fruits, vegetables, low-sodium foods and high-fiber foods are nutritious, heart-healthy foods, says WebMD. Foods with low cholesterol, trans fat and saturated fat content also make healthy meals. Doctors suggest eating fish at least two times every week, especially herring, mackerel and salmon, which all contain omega-3 fatty acids.

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