What Are Some Ways to Prevent Sea Sickness?


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Ways to prevent seasickness include looking up and out instead of down or keeping your eyes closed, according to Selene Yeager for Sport Diver. Another option is to eat something, preferably food that is bland such as pancakes or a bagel. Avoid acidic food and drinks.

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Using acupuncture is another recommendation for avoiding seasickness, says Yeager. This ancient Chinese form of medicine uses hair-thin needles on pressure points in the body to help reduce nausea that often causes motion sickness. There are also other aids for preventing seasickness, including taking medication or wearing a motion sickness armband or patch to reduce the effects of motion sickness.

Focusing too much on one thing is never a good idea and leads to seasickness, explains Yeager. Reading a book or magazine is not recommended for someone who is prone to motion sickness. Looking out into the water or closing the eyes is a better option. To handle seasickness, embracing the nausea and vomiting is often the best choice. This often leads people with motion sickness to find some temporary relief. Motion sickness on a boat usually occurs due to the brain and body experiencing different sensations with the rolling and rocking of the water.

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