What Are Some Ways to Help Prevent Osteoporosis?


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For prevention of osteoporosis, doctors recommend regular weight-bearing exercise, getting enough calcium and vitamin D, avoiding excess alcohol, avoiding cola drinks and not smoking, according to WebMD. Medication is available for patients at high risk for developing osteoporosis or bone fractures, and its use should be directed by a doctor.

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What Are Some Ways to Help Prevent Osteoporosis?
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Weight-bearing exercise stimulates bone-making cells in the body, which helps prevent osteoporosis, according to WebMD. Strength training is also helpful in increasing bone strength. Specific types of exercise doctors recommend to prevent osteoporosis include aerobics, stair climbing, racket sports, walking and yoga. For adequate calcium intake, doctors recommend eating low-fat dairy products, certain vegetables, soy products, and foods or supplements containing calcium. Adequate vitamin D can be obtained from the diet or from minimal sun exposure.

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