What Are Some Ways to Find Pain Relief for Scar Tissue?


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Some ways of treating painful scar tissue include medication, TENS therapy, injections and pulsed radio frequency treatments, states UPCM Patients. These treatments are designed to help relieve and block pain from nerves damaged or squeezed by scar tissue.

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Patients who visit their doctor with painful scarring will undergo an examination to determine the type and severity. Most doctors will want to start with less invasive treatment and see if it helps before moving onto more involved treatments, such as nerve blocks.

  • Massage: A regular chiropractic massage may help to loosen scar tissue and encourage healing, notes the Institute for Integrative Health.
  • Pain medication: A doctor may recommend a pain medication, such as an anti-inflammatory nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug or an opioid. Capsaicin ointment may also be given as a topical treatment.
  • TENS: Transcutaneous electrical neuro stimulation is the application of a small amount of electricity to the skin. This helps block pain signals from reaching the brain.
  • Corticosteroid injections: When pain is chronic and interferes with daily life, doctors may inject a corticosteroid and anesthetic into the site. This reduces inflammation and pain and speeds healing.
  • PRF treatment: This in-office treatment uses pulsed radio frequency treatments to trick the nerve root into not sending pain signals.
  • Therapy: The patient's doctor may suggest rehabilitative, behavioral or psychological therapy to help with recovery and pain issues. Rehabilitation therapy, particularly, can help patients regain some of their day-to-function and improve their quality of life.
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