What Are Some Ways to Make Swelling Go Down?


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Patients can reduce swelling using home treatments, including resting the affected area, applying ice, elevating it above the heart and drinking plenty of fluids, according to WebMD. It's also helpful to stop activities or situations that increase the swelling.

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Patients with swelling should stop physical strains including rigorous activities and applying weight to the swollen area, WebMD indicates. Moving the legs frequently is also beneficial, which means avoiding sitting or standing for long periods without movement. Cutting down on salt also reduces swelling, and so does staying cool in hot areas.

Swelling caused by injuries often is accompanied by pain, according to WebMD. Ways to address the pain include taking over-the-counter pain medications such as acetaminophen, ibuprofen or aspirin. WebMD advises that parents who want to give their children acetaminophen and ibuprofen alternately should discuss the dosages with a doctor first. Children under age 20 should never take aspirin, except with a doctor's order.

Patients should look for signs indicating that they need to see a doctor, WebMD advises. These include increasing swelling or not responding to treatment. Patients experiencing fever, reduced urination and troubled breathing also should see a doctor. Finally, those who find their symptoms become severe or more frequent should consult a doctor.

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