What Are the Ways You Lose Weight With a Raw Food Detox Diet?


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Raw food detox diets stimulate weight loss by promoting the consumption of alkalizing foods and changing the body's pH. These diets are based on the belief that the healthiest and most nutritious foods are in their natural state because cooking food destroys enzyme inhibitors.

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Raw food diets typically allow food to be lightly steamed, soaked, fermented, blended, juiced, dehydrated or pickled. Raw food is not restricted to vegetables and fruits. Sashimi and steak tartare are recommended, as are nuts, sprouted breads and smoked or cured meats.

Raw food diets are efficient for weight loss since raw food usually contains significantly less calories, fat and sodium and are higher in fiber and vital nutrients. Cooking heats that do not exceed 118 degrees Fahrenheit are allowed. WebMD recommends supplementing raw food diets with vitamins and monitoring protein intake.

Raw food diets are safe as long as dieters take the proper precautions. The cooking process kills harmful bacteria, and forgoing that step requires dieters to wash their food thoroughly and be aware that unpasteurized foods have increased risk. Because of this and the higher chances of contracting food poisoning, WebMD does not recommend that pregnant women, young children, seniors or those with compromised immune systems employ raw food diets.

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