What Are Some Ways to Lose Five Pounds in a Week?


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Cosmopolitan Magazine states that five pounds can be lost in a week by making water the main beverage that is consumed every day, cutting out all white grain products from the diet and adding 30 minutes of cardiovascular exercise to daily activity. Other ways to lose five pounds in a week include drinking coffee an hour before working out and sleeping an extra 30 minutes each night.

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Beverages other than water contain empty calories, and many beverages also contain sodium and carbohydrates, which cause the body to retain water. In contrast, water contains no calories or carbohydrates and little to no sodium. Drinking water also removes excess water weight from the body while boosting the metabolism, making it a good choice for weight loss.

White grain products, such as bread, pasta and white rice, contain simple carbohydrates that cause bloating, especially around the body's midsection. The carbohydrates found in white grains also digest quickly, leading to excess hunger and overeating. Vegetables should be substituted for white grains because they contain complex carbohydrates that digest slowly to keep the body feeling full for longer periods of time. Vegetables also contain an abundance of water, which, as previously mentioned, helps eliminate retained water.

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