What Are Some Ways to Look up a Medicare Provider?

Users can look up directories of certified Medicare providers at either Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services' Hospital Compare or Physician Compare. Several detailed directories that help users find medical professionals, facilities and services that serve Medicare payments can also be found at MedlinePlus.

Both Physician Compare and Hospital Compare allow users to download and search through offline databases that contain information covering Medicare-accredited physicians, hospitals and health care professionals. Physician Compare features a search function that can filter providers by ZIP code, city, county, state and doctor's name. This online tool offers a list of health care professionals in a chosen specialty, along with driving directions, maps and comprehensive professional profiles. Users can search for individual health care professionals and look up group practices.

Hospital Compare provides detailed information about the quality of care provided by Medicare-accredited hospitals. Users can view general data about a hospital, as well as a snapshot of its performance, such as readmission, complication and death rates. A survey of patients' experiences, where users can view ratings given using a five-star scale, is available to the public as well.

MedlinePlus offers links to health care professionals, facilities and services that accept Medicare payments, though the National Library of Medicine doesn't endorse any of the listed organizations or individuals.