What Are Some Ways to Locate Buyers and Dealers of Wild Ginseng?


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As of 2016, customers can locate buyers and dealers of wild ginseng on websites such as TaylorsGinseng.com, Ginseng-Seed.com and WildGrown.com, according to the websites. Based in Kentucky, the owners of Taylors Ginseng are licensed to sell wild ginseng by the states of Kentucky, Virginia and Tennessee. Ginseng-Seed.com is the website for Glacial Ginseng Co., a Michigan licensed ginseng dealer. WildGrown.com features buyers and sellers of wild ginseng, and contact information for licensed wild ginseng dealers in states such as Wisconsin.

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Wild American ginseng, a perennial plant, grows in Eastern North America, and people use it worldwide as herbal medicine, explains Taylors Ginseng. Natural ginseng roots are superior to those planted by farmers, because wild natural ginseng is uncultivated and is not tainted by chemicals or pesticides. In Kentucky, Virginia and Tennessee, the wild ginseng harvesting season begins on the first of September and ends by late November, when the tops of the ginseng die.

Wild American ginseng root, Panax quinquefolius, is a hard herb that resembles a shriveled finger, with a flavor similar to liquorice root or cloves, reports Mother Earth News. Research shows that the forest-grown herb contains chemicals that may shield brain cells against Parkinson’s disease. Habitat encroachment and overharvesting create risks for the future growth of the centuries-old plants.

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